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Philip Cote, MFA

Young Spiritual Elder

Artist, Activist, Historian and Traditional Wisdom Keeper

Moose Deer Point First Nation

First Nations Affiliation: Shawnee, Lakota, Potawatomi, Ojibway, Algonquin, and Mohawk.

Philip Cote is a Sundancer, Pipe Carrier and Sweat Ceremony leader recognized by Elder Vern Harper, Buffalo Chief - Floyd Looks for Buffalo Hand.  Mentors: Buffalo Chief James Dubrey, Verdell Red Cloud Jr. and Chief Oliver Red Cloud Sr.


Cote received his Indigenous name Noodjmowin (The Healer) in 1979 from Joe Couture and was made a member of the Falseface Society at the Seneca longhouse in 1992. 

Philip Cotes Spiritual Teachers include:

Vern Harper, Misdawasis Reserve, Saskatchewan.

Dr. Duke Redbird, Shaman/Elder, Artist, Wisdom Keeper, Scholar, Poet, Intellect, Futurist. Ojibway, Toronto.

Joe Couture, Elder, Professor, and Scholar, Toronto.

Raymond and Anbie Harris, Arapaho Medicine people, Lander Wyoming.

Floyd Looks for Buffalo Hand, Starman, Sundance Chief, Rosebud Reserve, South Dakota.

Jimmy Debray, Sundance Chief, Rosebud Reserve, South Dakota.

Chief Oliver Red Cloud, Elder, Rosebud Reserve, South Dakota.

Verdel Red Cloud, Elder, Rosebud Reserve, South Dakota.

Grandpa Wallace, Black Elk, Rosebud Reserve, South Dakota.

Leon Secatero, Navajo Elder, New Mexico.

Edward Benton Banai, Minnesota, Midewiwin Elder.

Basil Johnston, Chippewa Elder, Historian, Storyteller, Cape Croker Reserve, Ontario.

James Red Sky, Anishinaabe Elder, Shoal Lake First Nations, North Western Ontario.

Steward King, Second Degree Midewiwin Elder, Wasauksin First Nations, Parry Sound, Ontario.

Elders for All My Relations mural:

Alex Jacobs, Ojibway Elder, Toronto.

Dorathy Peters, Ojibway Elder, Toronto.

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